Power Sports Batteries

ep-12n9-4b-1Conventional Series

  • Delivers High Cranking Power
  • Withstands Vibration
  • Engineered to protect against corrosion

EP-YB14A-A2High Performance Series

  • Designed for heavily accessorized machines
  • Greater cranking power for High Compression Engines
  • Lower Maintenance
  • Special Active Material withstands vibration and prolongs battery life

ep-tyx20l-bsMaintenance Free Series

  • Non-Spillable
  • Pre-Measured acid pack for easy activation
  • Sealed Flat top cover
  • Heavy Duty Lead Calcium Plates for Low Self Discharge and Long Service Life
  • AGM Separator ensures no Fluid Acid, completely maintenance free
  • Greater Vibration Resistance and Higher Cranking Power

ep-yb16cl-bSealed Factory Activated Series

  • Maintenance Free, Factory Filled and Activated
  • AGM Technology will not leak or corrode
  • Low internal resistance for higher cranking than wet cell batteries
  • Low self-discharge rate
  • Higher Cranking Power
  • Advanced Grid Design and Active Material withstands Vibration, Prolongs Battery Life

ytz-bsPremium Maintenance Free Series

  • Higher Capacity and Cranking Performance
  • Superior Vibration Resistance and Durability
  • Long Life Lead Calcium Alloy for Low Self Discharge
  • AGM Construction precise plate compression for Maximum Electrical Performance

power-sport-gel-seriesGel Series for V-Twin Motorcycles

  • Unique Gelled Electrolyte Never Needs Filling
  • Highest Cranking Performance
  • Improved Charge Recovery and Life Span
  • Extreme Vibration Resistance
  • Fully compatible sizes for exact fit
  • Non-Spillable, Leak Free